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I don´t remember exactly when it started, but I enjoyed my own dreams since I was a child. I think these dreams were the beginning of my passion for cinema, more than cinema itself.
I did Film studies at EMAV and then Fine Art at the University of Barcelona. These two complementary disciplines were directly related to my early inclination towards experimental cinema and art film. In this period I was far more fascinated by underground films and video art rather than by commercial feature films. While I was studying I wrote and directed 3 short films that reflected my struggle to find a personal style.

While in Film School I learned the craft and the technical skills of the profession, in the Fine Art College I attended photography courses and workshops taught by Joan Fontcuberta. Here I practiced with the non-objective aspects of photography (constructed photography, photomontage, digital montage), focusing on strategies to manipulate the visual reality that would lead to my future approach as a filmmaker.  If I had to define this approach I´d say very generally that is a tendency towards the simulation and the manipulation of reality with the appearance of a direct visual style.

After finishing my studies I decided to make moves towards becoming a film director.
I wrote, produced and directed three short fiction films for commercial cinemas. These short films were selected by the most important Spanish festivals, and some festivals in France and Europe, they were also shown in cinemas in the largest cities in the country and were broadcast on television.  During this period I also directed several experimental videos and some video installations, activities which I continue doing up to the present time.
Simultaneously with my work as a film director and video artist, I developed several activities related to my varied interests: I taught courses and workshops on Video in several Design Schools in Barcelona, directed educational documentaries, took catalogue photographs, worked in digital manipulation of photographs, wrote scripts for TV, wrote scripts for corporate videos, directed corporate videos, designed conceptual displays for a book shop, organized an international meeting on Young Film Directors, appeared as supporting artist in friends´ films, directed a television program, and finally started to direct commercials.

Since the year 2000 I have been working intensively directing commercials for a few production companies based in Madrid and Barcelona.
Maybe due to a great curiosity about different human types, I very much enjoy character development and directing actors. I try to get the actors into an atmosphere which extends beyond the commercial itself, this involves a certain way of seeing and filming them, the actual choice of locations, and some hints to the actors.
I enjoy the continuous challenge and the creativity of my job: most of the time I find the wonderful opportunity to explore techniques and different aesthetic-styles. If you see my commercials, you´ll notice a great capacity for adapting to whatever the technical or artistic demands are in each project. This flexible manner of working, without too fixed criteria, allows me to be always open to find better ways to communicate with the audience.
Furthermore, working in this way gives the creative teams from the agencies the possibility to interact more fully with the director. 








Short films as a student l TOP l

Un tal Daneri / A guy named Daneri 
Collage urbano/
Reflejo de la luna en el agua / Moon reflected over the water




Commercial short films l TOP l

Angel protector
Modo de empleo / Directions for use
Muerte amable / Gentle death




Mono-channel art videos and videoinstalations (Selected works) l TOP l

Cadavre Exquís
Bits & Pieces
Realidad irrepetible de la inquebrantable unidad espacio-tiempo
Movimiento deseo
El beso de Hitchcock 
Driving down the streets (co-directed with Pilar Garriga)
En ser (in colaboration with Yaya Tur)
Zona Tarkovski
Arepo solos opera
Tengo miedo de no estar en el mundo/I´m afraid of not being in the world
Godard-Made in USA
Mi puto diario/ My fucking Diary
Lecciones budistas / Buddhist Lessons



TV commercials l TOP l

More than 100 TV spots directed for different clients, agencies and production companies, most of them based in Spain..

Clients : Bic, Cambres de Comerç de Catalunya, Editorial Planeta, Purina, Sandoz, Tabacalera, Generalitat de Catalunya, Leche Pascual, Azucarera Española, Vulkan, Caja de Ahorros del Monte, Gobierno de Euskadi, Nissan, Ministerio del Interior, Indas, Mano Amiga, Bimbo, Fira de Barcelona, Supermercados Condis, Linea Directa, Supermercados Champion, Asociación Española contra el Cáncer, Club de Madrid, Midas, Ministerio de Administraciones Públicas, Casa de la Moneda, BBVA-Bancomer (México), Laboratorios Verkos, Dentaid, Comunidad de Madrid, Heinz, Fujitsu, Assistència Sanitaria Col.legial, Natur House, ... 

Agencies : Bassat Ogivy & Mather, BAP-Conde, Barranco Sales Machine, Vinizius Young and Rubicam, La Banda Arnold, Doble A, OBB, Red O32, Columna, ABM, Innuo Draftworldwide, TBWA, Tiempo BBDO, ESC Scholtz and Friends, EURO RSCG (Mexico), Arpa Asociados, Challenge, His Master´s Choice, ...


Production companies : GHV, Little Films, Mediterraneo Frames, Zoetrope Films, and Group Films.